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3D Animation Schools

3D animation schools could help change the course of your career and life. It has long been recognized that higher levels of education attract better salaries and increased job security. The relative cheapness of hardware means that most people have access to a computer. read more...

Video Game Animation

If you are highly creative, have a lively imagination, and enjoy gaming, then video game animation training could be a good career move for you. Video game animation is far more complex than animation for films and presentations. You will need to be able to create storylines and characters. read more about game animation...

Stop Motion Animation

With CGI animation popular among audiences and producers alike, even the construction paper cut-out characters from South Park had migrated from stop motion animation to computer rendering. Fortunately, a new wave of television shows featuring stop-motion animation has cast this classic technique as a way to create edgy, even subversive material on a low budget.

Over the past fifteen years, few companies have kept the torch burning for stop motion animation like British studio Aardman Animation. After creating breakout commercials on both shores of the Atlantic, director Nick Park unleashed the hit series of Wallace and Gromit short films. read more about stop motion animation

Post Production Animation

Computer aided design and animation has helped to reduce drastically the thousands of hours of labor involved with post production animation. The days of special effects are definitely numbered. While large film production companies and studios used to spend millions on special effects and pyrotechnics with stunt men, nearly all of this can be added at a later date in the calm safety of an editing suite with post production animation. The leading lady need not even get out of bed! The original Star Wars film in the seventies, was probably one of the first movies to use animation laid over previously shot film. The techniques used then have not changed much since. read more about post production animation
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